Jeffrey Goltiao is an award-winning, top teacher and professional competitor.

Jeffrey Goltiao is an award-winning, top teacher and professional competitor who also coaches for The Ohio State University and has performed on season 11 of the hit TV show “So You Think You Can Dance”. He teaches and competes with his Pro/Am students in all four styles of ballroom dance: American Rhythm, American Smooth, International Latin, and International Ballroom.

At Dance Edge, everything can be custom tailored to your learning style, desired skill level, and personal dance goals; preparing for an event, staying physically active, feeling accomplished, wanting to learn to lead or follow or wanting to compete.

Showcases and competitions aren’t a requirement for anyone to become a ballroom dancer, but for those that choose to find it an excellent way to set goals and take their dancing to the next level.


Connect with others. Be confident on the dance floor.

Enjoy a friendly and fun environment with the latest music and dance combinations from top Latin Dance instructors around the country.

Dance Edge and Lincoln Street Salsa bring a fun social dance experience to you on saturdays at Dance Plus Studio and bar in Grandview. The evening starts with group classes that will have you dancing in the first ten minutes after walking in, followed by open dancing into the night!


Group Class

Every Saturday Night
8 pm – 9 pm – Group Class
9 pm – 1 am – Open Dancing

Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, Kizomba, Cha Cha

Level: Beginner / Intermediate customized to students in the class

Instructors teach both beginner and intermediate options in the same class, or if the class is large enough, conduct two simultaneous classes (beginner and intermediate).


Life brings many special occasion opportunities to have fun and shine on the dance floor.

Dancing is a lifetime skill you can use anytime and anywhere. Whether preparing for a Wedding, a charity event or social occasion Dance Edge will teach you how to look, and feel, amazing on the dance floor

  • Weddings: Arranged performances for weddings or teaching bride/groom and parents wedding dances
  • Salsa Clubs: MC, hosting or teaching key moves to enhance social dancing.
  • Special Events: Cotillions, Proms, Charity Events, Hired Performances, Keynote Speaking

Dance edge will start with an appointment to get to know your dance desires for your event. Music, style of dance and length are all considerations. After a few moves, Dance Edge will make recommendations for style, tempo, costuming and other considerations for your event and then let the lessons begin!

OSU DanceSport

Coach and Mentor in Rythym and Smooth

As coach and mentor in Rythym and Smooth, Jeffrey Goltiao is proud to be involved for over four years with OSU Dancesport. DanceSport at OSU is the Competitive Team & Social Club For Ballroom Dancing at THE Ohio State University!


National Collegiate DanceSport Championships 2015  1st Place American Team Match 

Motivational Speaking

Outstanding leadership is the critical ingredient for success in team building just as it is in ballroom dancing.

Understanding the relationship of leading and following is a key component for any leader to champion a winning team. Using his National Award Winning teaching methods and ballroom experiences, Jeffrey brings this knowledge and speaking experience to any team wishing to further hone their leadership skills.

Selecting the ideal keynote speaker for your upcoming event will pay dividends for years to come, when you audience is both inspired and empowered in a unique and memorable way.

Popular Speaking Topics

The Power of Assessments: How to Implement, Execute, and Produce ROI Using Assessments
Franklin University Ross Leadership Series, Columbus, OH

Empowering Respect – The curtsy and Bow
The Ohio State University

Motivating Your Team
Cardinal Health Annual Finance Meeting, Columbus, OH

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